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Frank T.When you’re getting any of your metal pieces powder coated, you want to be sure that you’re working with a professional. This intensive process requires skill and precision, and you can’t put your faith in amateurs. You need someone who has experience in the coating industry, who is knowledgeable about any suitable material. Whether you have a large project, or you’re working on a small piece, it’s invaluable to work with a high level of skill. That’s why you should be partnering with Frank T.

Years of Experience

Frank was in the car wrapping industry for 10 years, working diligently under professionals to hone his skills. Car wrapping and powder coating go hand-in-hand, and Frank developed his knowledge over the course of a decade. It was then that he decided to venture out on his own, crafting a business from the ground up. With high quality equipment and a passion for powder coating, he set out to provide the best service. Now, Frank is coating for customers all across Rockville, MD, and beyond.

A Reputation Like No Other

Frank built on his success, gaining allies and customers, until his name became a key part of the industry. Revamping the appearance of metal pieces became his passion, and his reputation grew. It all culminated when he appeared on Junkyard Empire, which aired on the Discovery Channel…three years in a row. Now, Frank is known across the country. Even professionals in other states know his name, and they can vouch for his skill. Anywhere you go in the powder coating industry, you’re likely to hear about Frank T. Why not work with the man himself?

Providing Excellent Service

You won’t find this level of attention to detail anywhere else. Whether you have a huge project or something small, Frank knows how to make it personal in the best way. Equipped with the best machinery and materials, Frank pushes the boundaries of what it means to powder coat. His process is simple. Contact Frank for a quote on your project, based on the dimensions of the piece. You buy the best option. Then, Frank coats the piece. He makes a shipping label. And you have your coated project back in record time. If you aren’t satisfied, he promises a money back guarantee within 30 days, no questions asked. Frank touches every part of the process, and he’s built his reputation by working on every project personally. When you work with Frank, you know what you’re getting.

Work with one of the most renowned professionals in the powder coating industry!

Are you in Rockville, MD, or the surrounding area, looking for a skilled powder coater? Frank T. is your best man. When you want a professional who pays attention to every detail, who uses the best available equipment, and only works with the highest quality materials, turn to Frank T. You’re guaranteed your money back if you aren’t satisfied. No one else in the industry will care about customers like Frank. Contact Frank today and see what you can accomplish together!

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