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3 Tips for Protecting Your Powder Coated Products

Powder coating is a wonderful alternative to traditional surface coating because it leaves a beautiful, long-lasting finish. You can use it on various metal products, including patio furniture, auto parts, and fences. Powder coating is the most effective way to improve the aesthetic and durability of your metal items. It is quite durable, but it will require maintenance from time to time to keep its appearance. Fortunately, coating maintenance isn’t as tough as you think, especially when following these guidelines.

What are the Benefits of Proper Maintenance?

Most powder-coated products are outdoor metal objects. These products are subjected to various factors throughout the year, such as the sun, rain, wind, cold, heat, saltwater, pollution, and electrical currents. It should come as no surprise that any of these could jeopardize the coating’s longevity. Regularly maintaining and caring for the powder coating will help it last longer.

While it’s impossible to say how long a powder coat will remain, proper cleaning and upkeep will surely help it stay longer. It’s possible that by practicing maintenance, the coating’s lifespan will be doubled or tripled.

Select the Ideal Cleaning Materials

The cleaning solution you use to maintain powder-coated products is one of the most crucial considerations you’ll have to make. While powder coating is far more durable than nearly any other coating option, it is not impervious to corrosion.

If you use strong chemicals to clean your powder coating, you will severely reduce its longevity, affecting both its aesthetic and its capacity to protect your items. If you’re going to clean your powder coating regularly, choose a non-abrasive cleaning solution. You should be able to keep your powder coating in good shape if you stick to soap and water.

Provide Protection with Wax Coating 

Stairways, vehicles, outdoor furniture, handrails, fences, and outdoor fixtures can all be waxed. Apply a light coat of non-abrasive high-grade vehicle wax. Make sure to choose a sunscreen with UV protection. To avoid lasting stains, apply the wax and wipe away any excess after you’re finished.

Choose Appropriate Washing Methods 

Using Low-Pressure Cleaning

Pressure washing is the most effective method for removing dirt and grime from covered surfaces. You should use the pressure washer with filtered water in a low-pressure setting. Use filtered tap water or groundwater instead of unfiltered tap water. You can remove all grime and buildup on metal items using filtered water and low-pressure cleaning.

Cleaning with Mild Soap and Warm Water

Cleaning powder-coated items with a soft brush or cloth and mild soap and warm water solution is recommended. The ideal type of soap to use for this has emulsifiers, which can break down common stains. The ideal soap to use is PH neutral and has built-in emulsifiers to dissolve stains quickly. 

To remove any loose particles, start by cleaning the surface lightly with a moist sponge. After that, scrub the surfaces thoroughly with a soft brush and light soap. Then, rinse with purified water. You can let it dry naturally or use a soft, dry towel.

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