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Breathe New Life Into Your Vintage Patio Furniture with Powder Coating

Powder Coating by Frank T Vintage Patio Furniture

You can refresh your vintage patio furniture by having it powder coated.

Vintage patio furniture can hold a lot of memories and be a beautiful addition to your outdoor living space. These pieces are often highly detailed, and they deserve to be out where they can be used and appreciated. However, sometimes these pieces need some TLC (Tender Loving Care) or a little update to help them shine. Powder coating is one of the best ways to restore and renew your vintage patio furniture.

Out With the Old

Vintage metal that has been abused by the elements is going to show some wear and tear. If there’s chipping paint, rust, or corrosion, then a trip to a powder coating shop will provide the treatment your furniture needs. Powder coating prep for pre-painted items begins with chemical paint stripping, which will clear away any leftover paint or even an old powder coat. Once that’s done, the furniture will be sandblasted to clear away any excess debris, as well as clear out any rust or corrosion. The clean, raw metal is the perfect canvas for a fresh powder coat.

In With the New

Whether you want to preserve the original look of the piece or give it an update to go with your own style and decor, powder coating has the answer. It comes in a wide variety of colors, textures, and finishes to make your piece look exactly the way you imagine. The only limit is your imagination!

Everlasting Beauty

Your beautiful vintage furniture will come out the other end looking like they were just made, and they will be protected by their fresh powder coating. Powder coating is resistant to chipping, fading, rust, and degradation so your outdoor furniture can stay beautiful for years to come and be passed down to the next generation to appreciate. Powder coating is the best choice for vintage pieces because it preserves their beauty and delicate design work while adding superior protection from weather and the wear of general use.

Contact Frank T. today to learn more about the powder coating process!

If you have more questions, Frank is ready to answer them! With over a decade of experience in the coating industry, Frank knows what it takes to create a lasting finish. He’s known across the country, and his impressive work has been featured on the Discovery Channel. When you ask for a professional in powder coating, you’ll probably be directed to Frank’s workshop. Whether you’re in Rockville, MD, or outside of the Maryland area, Frank can help! Give him a call or text at 301-798-9952 and get started on coating your project.

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