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Can Powder Coating Be Removed or Changed?

Powder Coating by Frank T. powder Coating Removed

Powder coating can be removed to update any piece that has been done previously.

If you’re considering choosing powder coating to add a custom look and great durability to a metal piece, you might be concerned about how permanent, or at least long-term, powder coating is. Powder coating will keep your metal looking its best for many years in any custom color you want, but there could be reasons you want to have the powder coating removed. So, can it be done? Yes, it can!

Reasons for Removal

There are several reasons that could lead to wanting a powder coating removed. If you have a vintage piece that was powder coated many years ago and is now cracking, has lost its luster, or was done in a color you don’t care for it might be worth having the old coating removed and a new one applied. This is also a common reason to have vintage patio furniture powder coating removed and renewed. In turn, this is also a great way to extend the life of the piece.

Maybe you’ve inherited something that has been powder coated and you just don’t like the way it looks. Or maybe you got a piece done that didn’t turn out the way you wanted it to. In both of these cases, having the powder coating removed can allow you to get a new coating done so the piece is perfect.

Method for Removal

The most common method for removal is sandblasting. This process is usually done by a professional shop that uses a special tool to fire tiny particles (not usually actual sand) at the piece to break up the old powder coat and expose the raw metal again. This removal is critical for powder coating because the process requires the powder to fuse to the metal during curing, and it will not adhere to any area that isn’t raw metal. Sandblasting ensures the metal is free of debris and ready to be coated again.

Why Not Use Paint?

You might be thinking that this all sounds like a lot of work as compared to removing paint, and you’d be right. However, powder coating has benefits that paint does not offer. For one thing, paint (especially industrial paint) contains volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that are toxic and can harm the health of humans and the environment. They pollute the air and exacerbate the greenhouse effect. When paint is removed it involves chemical stripping, which is also a serious hazard to human health and the environment. Powder coating does not contain VOCs and is not toxic to humans or the environment, and sandblasting does not use harmful chemicals.

In addition, powder coating adds a layer of protection to your metal piece, making it more durable on top of the great aesthetic that will last for several decades, as compared to paint that needs to be refreshed regularly and does not protect the metal underneath from oxidation and rust. When it comes down to it, powder coating is the better choice.

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