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Get Your Garden Fencing Powder Coated This Summer

Powder Coating by Frank T. Garden Fencing

Having your garden fencing powder coated will protect it and add curb appeal to your home.

A garden is a little patch of love in your yard, brightening the day of all who see it and giving your home curb appeal. If you use decorative metal fencing around your garden, it might have an amazing design but isn’t quite perfect. If your garden fencing needs a facelift, powder coating is the best option for a long-lasting and beautiful look that perfectly elevates your garden design.

Go for Curb Appeal

There are lots of cute little garden fences you can buy off of the shelf, but they typically come in black or bare metal. This might be the right look for you, but maybe it needs a little something extra to really mesh with your home’s design and aesthetic and elevate your curb appeal. For this, you might be thinking about simply having it painted as this seems like the easiest option. And sure, painting is an option, but it’s not necessarily the best option.

Better Than Paint

Powder coating is better than paint, especially for outdoor use, because it does more than standard paint to protect the metal underneath, stand up to inclement weather, and preserve the color and vibrancy of the piece for years to come. Powder coating is a protective coating with a thermoset powder base that is heated until it melts and then solidifies to form a hard outer shell. This protective layer can be done in any color and it is resistant to rust, degradation, and loss of saturation. Standard—or even industrial—paint won’t hold up to the same abuse as powder coating, requiring regular touch-ups and reapplications to keep your garden fencing looking beautiful.

Environmentally Friendly

Another way powder coating outshines paint is that it’s significantly more eco-friendly. Paints, especially industrial paint, cause air pollution and create hazardous waste through the use of solvents, among other negative environmental impacts. Powder coating does not suffer from any of these drawbacks, being the best option for anyone looking to customize their metal pieces without harming the environment. An eco-friendly solution to protect your beautiful garden just feels right.

Contact Frank T. today to learn more about the powder coating process!

If you have more questions, Frank is ready to answer them! With over a decade of experience in the coating industry, Frank knows what it takes to create a lasting finish. He’s known across the country, and his impressive work has been featured on the Discovery Channel. When you ask for a professional in powder coating, you’ll probably be directed to Frank’s workshop. Whether you’re in Rockville, MD, or outside of the Maryland area, Frank can help! Give him a call or text at 301-798-9952 and get started on coating your project.

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