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How to Clean and Maintain Powder Coating

Powder Coating by Frank T. Clean and Maintain

Powder coating is a durable solution for protecting metal, but a little cleaning and maintenance can go a long way.

Powder coating is an excellent choice for protecting your metal furniture, car parts, appliances, and other items from damage. For many indoor pieces, necessary maintenance is minimal or non-existent. You’re probably not spending much time worrying about maintaining the powder coating on your refrigerator or washer/dryer, but some simple cleaning and maintenance can make your indoor and outdoor powder-coated furniture and items last that much longer.

Power Washing

The easiest and most efficient way to clean powder-coated pieces is to power wash them—but wait! Don’t simply dial your power washer up to maximum and blast your patio furniture and point-blank range. Too much pressure can damage the powder coating you’re trying to protect. Instead, set the power washer to a low setting and use filtered water to avoid dealing with hard water stains and mineral deposits.

Use Mild Soap

For a deeper clean, or if your powder coating is stained, use a mild, diluted soap. Avoid harsh chemicals, as these can break down the powder coat and do more harm than good. A mild dish soap that has been well-diluted is a great option for getting a cleaner powder coat without causing any damage. After you apply the soap mixture, you can power wash it off for an efficient clean. If you want to skip the power washer, you can also apply the soap mixture and use a hose with an interchangeable spray nozzle that gets a decent amount of pressure.

Bring Them In

If you live in an area with harsh winters, consider packing your outdoor powder-coated pieces up, such as outdoor patio furniture. Powder coating will usually survive the harsh winter, but the more abuse it takes, the more vulnerable it becomes to damage down the road. Leaving it out in harsh conditions can lower its lifespan, requiring more frequent reapplications to keep it looking its best. Put powder-coated pieces into a shed or garage to keep them lasting longer and lower the necessary maintenance.

Keep a Regular Schedule

For the best results, give your outdoor powder-coated items a cleaning every 3 months. For indoor items, once a year is sufficient depending on how much abuse they take. Keeping a regular schedule will ensure that excess dirt and grime from everyday hazards don’t sit on your beautiful piece for too long. Thankfully, the process doesn’t take very long and can be completed within just a few minutes, so it’s an easy task to keep up with and it will protect your metal pieces for years to come.

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