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Powder Coating Versus Anodizing

Powder coating outperforms anodizing in nearly all aspects of metal protection and customization while still being the more affordable option.

When it comes to protecting your metal, you might not know all the differences associated with different types of coating processes and there can be a lot of conflicting information on the internet. In the age-old argument of powder coating versus anodizing, some facts remain the same. The bottom line is that powder coating outperforms anodizing in nearly all aspects.


If you’re looking for the best bang for your buck, powder coating is the winner. Anodizing is an expensive process, costing significantly more than powder coating while providing fewer benefits. How much more anodizing costs will depend on the project, but powder coating will always be the more affordable option.


Customization is where powder coating really shines against anodizing. Powder coating can be done in any custom color with several different styles of texture and finish. Anodizing doesn’t have color options as extensive as powder coating, and can only be done in a smooth, metallic finish. If you want a specific color and style for your project, powder coating will give you the widest range of options for the perfect look. There’s no contest that powder coating is the superior option for customization when it comes to powder coating versus anodizing.

Fade Resistant

Powder coating is done in the color of your choice so the color is built into the protective layer and is very resistant UV fading, making it an excellent option for anything that will spend extensive time outdoors. Anodizing is dyed, making it far less resistant to UV fading. It requires extra layers of protection to keep the color vibrant on any outdoor items.


Powder coating can be done on any electroconductive metal, but anodizing only works on aluminum. Anodizing is a highly specialized process that utilizes an oxidation layer specific to aluminum, so it cannot be applied to any other metal. Powder coating can beautify and protect your iron fencing or steel patio furniture, while anodizing isn’t even an option. The fact is that powder coating will often be the only option when it comes to powder coating versus anodizing.

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