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Powder Coating vs. Galvanizing

Powder Coating by Frank T. Galvanizing

When it comes to powder coating and galvanizing, one of them is clearly the better choice in nearly all applications.

There are several methods for protecting metal from the elements, with galvanization being one of them. While this process was once heralded as being the premiere option for applications where metal would be subject to extreme conditions, its reputation has begun to dwindle as better alternatives are developed and improved, such as powder coating. While both processes have their uses, there are several reasons why powder coating is the superior choice when it comes to protecting your metal.


For the galvanization process, prep includes a bath that strips grease and oxides from the metal. Unfortunately, this process is limited in what it can do, and metal with slag or wax on it will need to be taken elsewhere to be cleaned before it can begin the galvanization process.

For the powder coating process, prep comes in many different forms with the best one being chosen depending on the job. Pieces that have already been painted or treated will have to be chemically stripped and all pieces will go through the process of sandblasting which clears the metal of all debris and contaminants. This ensures that the metal is ready to receive the powder coat without the risk of imperfections or areas where the coat does not take. A perfectly uniform powder coat is the goal, and the prep that is done before the powder coating process has been developed to allow for a flawless result.


Galvanization is not customizable. It only comes in one color and one finish—smooth silver. This can be fine for some applications, but it severely limits the ability to make a piece look exactly the way you want it to.

Powder coating is fully customizable. It can be done in any color and in several different finishes. If you want a really specific look, powder coating is the clear winner with such a wide variety of options.

Common Uses

Galvanization is mainly used in marine applications and construction, but it doesn’t dominate either of these applications, and powder coating is also used in both of these industries. Galvanization has held a reputation for being more durable than powder coating, making it the top choice of some industries in the past. However, advances made in the process of powder coating have evolved its use and created a real contender.

Powder coating is the first choice for the automotive and fencing industries because of its durability and ease of customization. Galvanization is no longer the undisputed champion of withstanding extreme conditions, and powder coating has begun to find its place in the marine and construction industries where galvanization used to dominate.

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