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Should You Powder Coat Your Metal Indoor Furniture?

Powder Coating by Frank T. Indoor Furniture

Powder coating your indoor furniture can give it the perfect look and protect it through the years.

Powder coating is very popular for metal outdoor furniture, as well as other outdoor metal pieces such as fences and gates. It’s no wonder—powder coating creates a protective outer layer that keeps the metal from being damaged by severe weather such as thunderstorms, high winds, and snow. These conditions don’t exist indoors, but there are good reasons to powder coat your indoor metal indoor furniture.

No Threat From Weather

It might seem like overkill to powder coat your indoor furniture, especially since your metal furniture doesn’t have to survive extreme weather conditions while inside the safety of your home. While this is true, and a major benefit of powder coating is the protection of metal against the elements, the reality is that even indoor furniture is vulnerable to damage. It won’t have to survive thunderstorms or extreme temperatures, but it will have to continue looking and functioning at its best while enduring heavy daily use. Aside from the usual wear and tear any furniture will experience over years of regular use, metal furniture will also benefit from being protected against water damage from spills, high temperatures from hot food, and any more serious bumps that happen during the years it’s in use.

Extend its Life

Furniture can be costly, so it just makes sense to protect it however you can. This keeps you from needing to replace it too soon, or possibly ever. This can be especially important for a vintage piece, a family heirloom, or even just a favorite piece that you want to keep as long as possible. Another benefit of this is that the piece can also be passed on through the generations and remain in excellent condition. Save money in the long run by powder coating your indoor metal furniture and eliminating the need to replace it down the line.

Get the Perfect Look

Your home aesthetic is important, and raw metal isn’t always the right look even when the design of the piece is perfect. The great thing about powder coating is that it will allow you to choose the perfect color and finish to realize the full aesthetic beauty of your metal furniture. Give it just the right look so that it fits in with your interior design, and consider different finishes that offer the piece some texture and visual interest. Powder coating will do more for your piece than any paint, making it worth the investment for your indoor furniture.

Contact Frank T. today to learn more about the powder coating process!

If you have more questions, Frank is ready to answer them! With over a decade of experience in the coating industry, Frank knows what it takes to create a lasting finish. He’s known across the country, and his impressive work has been featured on the Discovery Channel. When you ask for a professional in powder coating, you’ll probably be directed to Frank’s workshop. Whether you’re in Rockville, MD, or outside of the Maryland area, Frank can help! Give him a call or text at 301-798-9952 and get started on coating your project.

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