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5 Things You Didn’t Know Are Powder Coated

Powder Coating Frank T Things You Didn't Know Are Powder Coated

You might be surprised to discover objects you see and use every day are powder-coated.

Powder coating is mostly known for its automotive applications. Cars, trucks, boats, and bikes are all protected by powder coating. However, powder coating is not limited to vehicles. Powder coating can be applied to anything that is electroconductive, and you are surrounded by things you didn’t know are powder coated.

Basketball Rims

It’s a small piece of the basket, but the rim is probably one of the things you didn’t know are powder coated. From jump shots to slam dunks, the rim of a basketball hoop is treated to a rough existence. Many basketball hoops also stay outdoors, subjecting them to the elements. Powder coating will withstand the harshest sunlight and the most intense storms for years to come.


If you’ve ever seen an old statue that is accessible to the public, you may have noticed it has areas on it that look different. The oils on our hands eat away at paint and wear down metal, especially over years of constant handling. Doorknobs are trusted to the process of powder coating to keep their color and shine going strong through years of daily use.

Metal Fixtures

Fixtures you see every day are probably things you didn’t know are powder coated. Many metal fixtures are powder-coated, from faucets to ornate doorknobs. Powder coating is trusted to give these staples in your home a beautiful finish that won’t tarnish or become damaged from everyday use.

Washers and Dryers

Those stunningly red front-loaders in your laundry room are powder-coated. Their powder coating is what keeps their color looking sharp over the years. It is also what keeps them standing up to regular use. Several large home appliances are powder coated to keep them looking amazing while they serve your family.


One of the most surprising things you didn’t are powder coated is probably your refrigerator. The front and sides of a refrigerator are powder-coated to protect it and keep it in excellent condition over the years. A home refrigerator is constantly in use, and powder coating helps it stand up to the daily demands of the family it serves.

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