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Use Powder Coating to Revitalize Your Bed Frame

bed frame powder coating by frank t

Breathe new life into your metal bed frame with powder coating.

Breathe new life into your metal bed frame with powder coating. Easy to clean and long-lasting, powder coating is a beautiful addition to any home decor. Metal bed frames are more durable than wooden ones and are able to handle heavier mattresses for longer. Every few years, when you have to flip your mattress over will be a breeze by using a stable, metal bed frame. There are thousands of color and finish combinations to complement any bedroom. 

Neutral Colors and Finishes 

Black and gray, tan, pastels, and other neutral colors are available. Standard metal bed frames only support the bed underneath and are not visible. If you prefer a minimalist look when it comes to bed frames, you can invest in subdued finishes like satin and matte that are perfect for neutral colors. Depending on the size of your metal bed frame, painting it a neutral white with a matte finish could make your bedroom and bed looker larger. 

Color Matching Capabilities

Metal bed frames can become an accent to interior decorations through powder coating. Powder coating allows you to personalize your metal bed frame with spectacular finishes. Eye-catching finishes like sparkle, glitter, metallic, and fluorescent will ensure your bed is the decorative star in your bedroom. Finding the right finish will complement your bedroom and help you shape your aesthetic. 

Easy to Clean for Years to Come

Tidiness is an essential tactic to keeping a lovely home. Powder coating will not peel or chip over time like paint is prone to do. Finding furniture that is beautiful without being hard to clean makes keeping a tidy home much easier. Bookcases with flat surfaces and avoiding clutter like small sculptures and fake plants keep dust from accumulating out of nowhere. There are many ways to make cleaning your home easier. One of them is powder coating your metal bed frame. A few swipes of a disinfectant wipe will gather all the dust from your bed frame without harming the design. If you ever change your mind or update your home decor, Powder Coating by Frank T can replace the powder coat. 

Contact Frank T. today to learn more about the powder coating process!

If you have more questions, Frank is ready to answer them! With over a decade of experience in the coating industry, Frank knows what it takes to create a lasting finish. He’s known across the country, and his impressive work has been featured on the Discovery Channel. When you ask for a professional in powder coating, you’ll probably be directed to Frank’s workshop. Whether you’re in Rockville, MD, or outside of the Maryland area, Frank can help! Give him a call or text at 301-798-9952 and get started on coating your project.

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