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Why Does Powder Coating Prep Use Sandblasting Over Soda Blasting?

If you’ve done some homework, you might know that there are multiple methods of high-intensity blasting that can be used to clear materials of paint, rust, and corrosion. Of them, the two most common ones are sandblasting and soda blasting. Powder coating shops will use sandblasting over soda blasting, but why?

Different Applications

The core reason why powder coating shops typically don’t offer soda blasting is that it’s not an appropriate prep method for most metals. Soda blasting uses an alkaline solution to clear off the material. It is known for being more gentle than sandblasting, which makes it more appropriate for weaker materials such as plastic and wood, rather than metals. Sandblasting is stronger and more abrasive, making quicker work of cleaning off rust, corrosion, and paint from tough metals.

No Residue

Soda blasting actually leaves behind a film on any material it has prepped. This is a big problem for powder coaters because they have to clean this film off completely in order to apply the powder coating. Without clearing off the film, the powder coating cannot be fused to the bare metal and will either not stick to the surface, or will not be nearly as lasting or protective as it should be. Sandblasting doesn’t leave a residue, so it’s the better option for powder coating because the grit actually creates an uneven surface that the powder coating will cling to very easily.

Less Expensive

As an added bonus, using sandblasting over soda blasting actually saves you money. Sandblasting costs less than soda blasting, and in the case of powder coating is even more cost-effective when you don’t have to pay for the labor to clean off the film soda blasting leaves behind. This will help you save more money overall or you can splurge a little more into the perfect color and finish for your project.

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