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Why is Powder Coating Becoming So Popular?

Powder Coating by Frank T. Popular

Powder coating has been surging in popularity in recent years, and for good reason.

Powder coating is currently experiencing exponential growth, bringing in more than $10 million in 2021 with an expected growth rate of 5.5% in the next five years. You may have heard your family, friends, or neighbors talking about it and it got you wondering. You may have seen a powder-coated item and thought it looked good, but you weren’t convinced that powder coating is actually superior to standard painting. It’s important to understand what powder coating is, and why it’s a better option than industrial paint. It has many benefits with few drawbacks, and that is why powder coating is becoming so popular.


The main draw for taking your metal projects to a powder coating shop is the added durability it offers. A high-quality powder coating will last for years, standing up to many factors that would damage regular paint and cause it to peel. This durability provides a protective shell that will keep your metal projects safe during inclement weather, such as winter snowstorms and spring showers. It can also be used on boats, withstanding the rough properties of saltwater and its effects on metal. Anything that will see heavy use is also a good candidate for powder coating, as its durability will keep it pristine over the years and prevent you from needing a replacement.


If durability sounds good but you’re still not sold, consider the ability to heavily customize the finished look of your piece. Powder coating can be done in any color, and it also has several options for finishes and textures. Paint can only really offer a smooth finish, but if you want something that has grip and ridges, powder coating can make it happen. It can also achieve several different gloss levels and metallic finishes, so you won’t have to settle for something that is almost what you want. Powder coating will produce a fully custom and beautiful finish that you’ll want to show off to everyone.


Now you might be thinking that this all sounds well and good, but it’s probably a hazard to the environment if it can do all of that. Great news – it’s not! Powder coating is significantly more environmentally-friendly than industrial paint, making it the better option all around for your next metal painting project. You can enjoy the great benefits of powder coating durability and customization, all while doing the environment a favor and going for a more Earth-friendly alternative to industrial paint.

Contact Frank T. today to learn more about the powder coating process!

If you have more questions, Frank is ready to answer them! With over a decade of experience in the coating industry, Frank knows what it takes to create a lasting finish. He’s known across the country, and his impressive work has been featured on the Discovery Channel. When you ask for a professional in powder coating, you’ll probably be directed to Frank’s workshop. Whether you’re in Rockville, MD, or outside of the Maryland area, Frank can help! Give him a call or text at 301-798-9952 and get started on coating your project.

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