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Professional-Grade SandblastersWhen you need the job done right, you need to make sure you’re working with someone who has all the right equipment. Frank T. is experienced with powder coating, and in January 2021 he spent over $65,000 on a new gun, booth, and oven. Powder coating can only effectively be applied with the right tools, and anything less than perfection could lead to a marred surface. You need to know every step of the process is being completed with the best equipment — from preparation, to application, to curing. When you want to trust that the job is getting done right, turn to Frank T.!


Professional-Grade Sandblasters

Cleaning the surface of your project is just as important as coating it. Sandblasting gets rid of any impurities, old paint, or rust. This can only be accomplished with the best sandblasting equipment. Frank is sure to use the highest quality sandblaster available to ensure your surface is fully cleaned before coating.

Chemical Paint Stripping Dunk Tanks

Chemical Paint Stripping Dunk Tanks

For tougher paint removal jobs, we use a powerful chemical paint stripping dunk tanks to clean off stubborn paint and powder coating residue, sanitize your parts, and get them ready for the powder coating process. Frank has the largest chemical paint stripping dunk tanks in the DMV.

Containment Booth

Containment Booths

Powder coating must be contained to avoid any contaminations. Without a containment booth, particles, bugs, and environmental changes can completely destroy the outcome of the coating process. Containment booths also protect operators from stray particles. Powder coating is nearly wasteless, but only through the use of containment booths. Frank has made sure to create the most effective, protective containment booths to keep your project safe.

Powder Spray Gun

Powder Spray Guns

The main part of the process, the coating, needs to be carried out by state-of-the-art equipment. Frank was able to purchase all brand-new equipment in January 2021. By using a specialized, superpowered gun, he can create flawless, clear coatings using very few resources. It’s fast, efficient, and cost-effective. The gun creates beautiful finishes and sprays an even coat. Frank knows exactly which gun works for powder coating and what tips to use.

Powder Coating Curing Oven Revised

Curing Oven

Powder coating needs to be subjected to high heat to be cured into place. That’s where Frank’s state-of-the-art oven comes in. With this 14x6x6 propane powered oven, he can quickly cure any piece in the most energy-efficient way. His oven uses as little fuel as possible to get the job done and reduces emissions. The temperature is controlled, creating an exact and constant heat to cure the coating. This oven seals the deal, and brings everything together for a final, flawless result.

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If you’re curious about any other part of the process, or you’re interested in details about a specific piece of equipment, don’t hesitate to contact Frank as soon as you can. He’s a professional, respected across the country, and he has endless knowledge of powder coating. He can get you involved with the process and introduce you to the incredible equipment he uses every day. Be sure to give Frank a call or text so you can learn more about this awesome process!

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