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Do you need a specific color coating for your project? Are you looking for a very particular finish? Luckily, powder coating is extremely customizable. You can choose virtually any color and finish and your finished product will still look flawless. There’s a lot to learn about powder coating colors and specific finishes, so it’s important to have an understanding of your choices before you make a decision. Don’t be afraid to explore your options and consider different ideas that could make your project that much more exciting.

Powder coating is incredibly versatile and can be adjusted to fit any project. You’ll have endless options, which is why powder coating is so incredible. Your project can be as unique as you want, and any color will be just as vibrant and eye-catching as the next. Common requests include black, brown, grey, blue, green, and red, but you’re more than welcome to explore variants of those, or a different color altogether. If you have a question about a specific color, remember to contact Frank.
Powder coating allows for many different finishes, adding that extra flair to your project. Whether you want a simple matte coating, a metallic surface, or a fluorescent finish, powder coating can make that happen. Customized finishes can be requested, so your project will always have an original, personal touch. If you need a recommendation, Frank is more than happy to speak with you and discuss your best options.

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Powder Coating By Frank T. uses a wide selection of quality coatings for you to choose from, so you can get the color that you envision. Please click on the 2 links below to choose your desired color option, and include the brand, color name, and item number when completing the quote to ensure you get the desired color. Your satisfaction is important to us, so there is no price difference between standard and premium colors, and no additional cost for textured, satin, matte, or gloss finished as a base coat. Powder Coating by Frank T. does charge extra for primer, candy, translucent, sparkle, and clear coats. We also offer chemical stripping as an additional service.

Frank T. can provide you with durable, lasting powder coating in any color or finish!

If you need a specific project completed with a particular color or finish, Frank is your guy. With his years of experience, he can give you his thoughts on the look of your project. He can guide you through the process, the materials, and the chemicals that will be used during coating. As a respected professional, he knows what it takes to create durable, beautiful powder coating that will last a lifetime. For more information, be sure to contact Frank with any of your questions!

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