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Powder Coating for Furniture and Fences

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Powder Coated White Metal Garden Table and ChairsIf you have metal that will be outside for most of its lifetime, you’ll want to have it powder coated. There’s no better way to protect it from the elements. Plastic coating can easily be damaged through UV rays or other elements. Metal plating could corrode or rust. Powder coating is the only way to get a smooth, ideal finish for your metal pieces. Fences and outdoor furniture are first impressions for many people. Choosing the perfect color and finish is easy when you go with powder coating because any combination is possible! Powder coating fences and furniture is simple, environmentally friendly, and you’ll never have to spend money retouching the surface. Read on to learn more about powder coating these surfaces!

What is Powder Coating?

With a spray gun, a thermoset powder is sprayed at clean, unmarred metal. This is done in a booth or room dedicated to powder coating. It also doesn’t require any carbon emissions, making it energy efficient. Coating furniture and fences is an easy, quick task, no matter the shape or size. The piece is then set under high heat, where the chemical structure of the coating material will reshape itself.

Powder Coated Black Metal Fence

Why Should You Use Powder Coating for Your Furniture and Fences?

These metal pieces see a lot of weather and potential threats while sitting outside. Furniture is going to be exposed to the elements most of the time, and fences need to be able to withstand a lot of abuse. These objects need to be protected so the integrity of the metal won’t be compromised. Having these pieces powder coated is easier than ever; you’ll ship it to Frank, he’ll complete the work, and then ship it back to you in record time.

No Need to Maintain!

Because powder coating is so sturdy, you won’t need to worry about recoating or repainting. The color and finish will stay, regardless of the wear. Even after years, the coating will stay in place. This means less money spent on retouches. Powder coating is a set-it-and-forget-it metal protection material. After you’ve had it coated once, you won’t have to recoat the surface ever again. However, if you want to refinish the metal, sandblasting can help remove the old powder coating.

Frank T. can help you coat your fences and furniture with powder coating to protect it from the elements for years to come!

Need to protect your furniture or fences? Try powder coating! Frank has been working in the coating industry for over a decade, and his work has even been featured on the Discovery Channel. This is a level of skill that is unmatched, and Frank has left lasting impressions on his clients in Rockville and all over the nation. If you want to learn more, don’t hesitate to reach out to Frank for a quote!

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