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Powder Coating for Metal Parts

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Part from a Boat with Orange Powder CoatingWhen it comes to finishing metal parts, there’s no better way to do it than with powder coating. This process represents 15% of the industrial finishing world; it allows for extra customization with thousands of possible colors and dozens of finishes. If you need a metal part specifically coated, or you’re trying to protect a metal part to make it as durable as possible, powder coating is your next step. You can have plenty of metal objects powder coated, from outdoor furniture to boat parts to car parts. Powder Coating by Frank T. does everything in our power to get you a perfectly powder coated metal piece as quickly as possible. For more information about powder coating metal parts, read on.

How to Prep Metal For Powder Coating

Simply scrubbing metal down with a brush isn’t enough to prepare it for coating. Old paint, oil, and residue are going to linger behind. The only way to completely clean the surface is through sandblasting. This process, which involves blasting tiny particles at a high pressure towards the metal, strips away any impurities and gives the powder coating a clean canvas. Once the piece has been sandblasted in a separate booth or room, another booth will be set up for the powder coating process. There are no harmful chemicals in powder coating, and you won’t have to worry about carcinogens, but it’s best to avoid inhaling the particles.

How to Apply Powder Coating

After the metal part has been prepared for coating, it’s time to get to work. Using a particular blend, the piece will be sprayed with thermoset powder. This powder lays on top of the metal, but it can’t be hardened until it’s cured in a hot oven. The electrostatic charge of the particles is what allows them to bond to the grounded metal. This process is called electrostatic deposition.

Powder Coating Curing of Boat Parts

How to Cure Powder Coating

The metal piece is then placed in a hot oven, where the heat changes the chemical bonds in the coating. This causes the coating to become a hard, immovable shield. The thermoset powder is now an impenetrable blanket surrounding the metal. From this point, the substrate can’t be reformed with more heat since it has been chemically altered. It’s incredibly resistant to any kind of damage, be it weather, high traffic, or impact. It’s the perfect way to protect a metal piece that will see plenty of wear, such as motorcycle parts or car parts.

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Frank is a widely renowned powder coater and has been working in the coating industry for years. After venturing out to work on his own, he has become a successful powder coater in Rockville, MD. His work has been featured on the Discovery Channel, which pushed his work across the nation. Contact Frank today to learn more about powder coating metal and see what he can do to immortalize your pieces.

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