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Powder Coating for Motorcycle & Bicycle Parts

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Powder Coated MotorcycleAre you worried about your metal motorcycle or bicycle parts rusting? Do you want a specific color or finishing on the bicycle? A durable, clean finish isn’t possible with plastic coating, and metal plating is subject to rust. Powder coating is a great solution and can protect your metal motorcycle or bicycle parts for years to come! Completely resistant against damage, powder coating is a great way to get that perfect color and finish without risking the integrity of your parts. And it’s easier than ever to get started. With Frank T., you’ll be able to send him your metal parts, he’ll coat them, and send them back to you as soon as possible. It’s quick, easy, and economically efficient!

Why Use Powder Coating?

Some metal parts are going to be exposed to the elements time and time again, especially motorcycle or bicycle parts. These metal pieces are going to come in contact with weather, high impacts, and wear. For particularly high-traffic pieces, powder coating is the best way to keep them safe. You’ll never have to recoat them, making the coating incredibly economical. Powder coating doesn’t release carbon emissions, so motorcyclists and bicyclists will love the environmentally friendly approach. Instead of worrying about carcinogens like you might have with plastic coating, powder coating is non-toxic and free of parabens. It’s quick and easy because the parts can be shipped back to you as soon as they’ve cooled off from their time in the curing oven. There’s no need for drying time!

Motorcycle & Bicycle Parts Need Protection

When cruising around town, you shouldn’t need to worry about the integrity of your metal motorcycle or bicycle parts. Rusting can even be a safety hazard as brittle metal pieces could snap. Your motorcycle or bicycle also needs to be protected from heavy impact as any falls could lead to damage. Protect your bicycle from elements, impact, and rusting by using powder coating!

Power Coated Bicycles

Understanding Powder Coating

Powder coating is a simple process. It involves spraying a thermoset powder at a metal piece, coating it entirely. This dry coating is then placed under very high heat to cure it. The heat chemically changes the bonds of the powder, which then forms a hard, impenetrable coating. This process is easy and quick! If you need something coated quickly, powder coating is the way to go.

Powder Coating by Frank T. goes above and beyond with colors, finishing, and quality control!

After years of experience in the industry, Frank T. knows exactly what it takes to create quality, sturdy powder coating. His work has even been featured on the Discovery Channel, which has spread his skill across the nation. Now, he works independently in his personal 5,000 square foot facility. He touches every part of the project, and he oversees it all. Don’t trust your motorcycle or bicycle parts with just anyone — remember to work with Frank T., who can get the job done quickly, giving you quality results!

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