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Powder Coating Preparation

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The preparation step of powder coating is probably the most important. If the surface isn’t properly prepared, the coat will lay unevenly, and could compromise the entire process. Not to mention, any lingering oils or substances could cause significant problems within the heating oven. Large debris could be included in the coating, leading to a marred surface. With so many risks, you need to trust that your project is being properly prepared. Frank T. has extensive experience working with metal surfaces to prepare them for powder coating, and he’s more than familiar with the equipment necessary to complete this part of the process.


What is sandblasting?

Frank’s facility includes a blasting cabinet specifically for sandblasting, which is just one of the ways a surface can be cleaned before powder coating. In the case of metal, power washing the surface just isn’t good enough. It might get rid of major debris, but any oils, rust, or oxidation can linger behind. Sandblasting involves using high pressure to bombard a surface with small particles, like sand, to effectively clean the metal. The metal’s integrity isn’t at risk, and all the oils and rust are removed completely. Sandblasting is also a reliable way to remove old paint and can completely clean the slate for powder coating.

What is chemical paint stripping?

Another process we can use to prepare pieces for new powder coating is known as chemical paint stripping. This involves using a stripping agent to sanitize and refurbish steel and aluminum auto parts, boat components, furniture, and more, leaving a surface that’s ready for the powder coating booth.

Masking and Protecting Surfaces

Sometimes, there may be parts of a project you don’t want powder coated, or there will be materials that cannot be powder coated that need to be protected. In this case, preparation includes using masking products, such as high temp masking tape (also known as masking dots), to protect these areas. These products come in various shapes and sizes and can be customized to fit any area. They’re usually made of some type of paper or film, and they adhere to the desired surface with a gentle adhesive. This is a quick, simple way to protect surfaces.

Powder Coating Spray Booth

Preparing the Work Area

From there, the spraying booth needs to be prepared. It serves as a way to keep the powder coating contained. The thermoset coating doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals. Frank uses the best protective equipment to keep himself safe during the application process. When the area is finally prepped and the metal has been cleaned, it’s time for the application!

Trust Frank T. to prepare your metal projects for powder coating, ensuring the finish is flawless!

If you want a perfectly finished product, you need to make sure the powder coating is applied to a cleaned surface. Frank T. has the equipment and experience necessary to lay the thermoset coating on a pristine base. After years of experience, there’s nothing Frank can’t handle. When you need powder coating for metal parts, or you want to know how you can get your parts powder coated, contact Frank! He can walk you through his process, and you can trust that your project will be handled with care.

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