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Powder Coating Warranty & Quality Assurance

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Powder Coated Red Car EngineFrank T. has over a decade of experience in the coating industry, and he wants to work with you to create something special. His powder coating skills are unmatched, and he’s known across the country for his work. After so many successful projects, he’s developed a warranty and a quality assurance process. He guarantees he will devote 100% of his skills to your piece and treat it likes it is his. He personally works on every piece and will not deliver a subpar product back to his customer. Your satisfaction and online reviews are his #1 priority. He back these claims up with a NO QUESTIONS ASKED MONEY BACK GUARANTEE.

Low-Risk Coating Materials

Low-Risk Coating Material

Powder coating is incredibly low risk. It’s impervious to most types of damage and holds its own against wear and tear. Powder coating is excellent for pieces that will see high traffic, such as outdoor furniture, auto parts, and off-road parts. It’s resistant to moisture, making it ideal for auto parts and boat parts. Instead of worrying about rust or deterioration, like you might with metal plating or plastic coating, you can feel secure with powder coating. It’s the best way to protect your investments, and it’s unlikely that you’ll encounter any problems over the course of its long lifetime.

Money Back Guarantee

Money Back Guarantee

If you’re not satisfied with Frank’s work on your metal piece, he offers a full money back guarantee, no questions asked. It’s important to Frank that you’re satisfied with his work, and he won’t rest until you’ve decided it’s up to your standards. You’ve spent your hard-earned money on these pieces, and you’ll want to protect your investment. Frank T. guarantees quality. He won’t question you or ask you to prove why you’re dissatisfied. Don’t stress when you work with Frank!

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

Frank offers sandblasting services, which thoroughly clean the surface of the metal to prepare it for powder coating. This further ensures that the powder coating will lay flawlessly on the metal surface. Frank uses the highest quality thermoset powder for his work, which can be customized to fit your color and finish. If the color and/or finish doesn’t match what you want, he’s ready to work with you until you’re satisfied.

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Frank T. offers quality-assured powder coating that you can trust. For a quote, you can tell him the dimensions of your project, and he’ll get you started on planning the details. Frank is well-known throughout the coating industry, and he’s worked hard to achieve his status. He’s been featured on the Discovery Channel three times, and his powder coating has made a name for itself across the nation. With just a few clicks, text, or a phone call, you can start moving towards a perfectly powder coated metal piece! Contact Frank today for more information.

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When Ordering:

  • Before a part is delivered to Powder Coating by Frank T., it must be completely disassembled. Any parts that we must disassemble will be billed at $50 per hour with a minimum of 1 hour. Likewise, any request to have parts disassembled will be charged with that same fee.
  • All parts must be metal and free of body filler. Any imperfection such as dents or scratches could compromise our powder coating, though we may be able to fill minor damages on a case-by-case basis.

When Packing:

Powder Coating by Frank T. is not liable for any parts damaged throughout the packing and shipping process. Be sure to use quality materials while packing, and ensure they are handled with care. If your parts arrive damaged, we will inform you as soon as it’s unpacked. You will be responsible to file a claim with your shipping courier.


All pieces must be disassembled, and all plastic components must be removed. This could include seals, gaskets, or other connecting parts. Metal parts intended for custom coating need to be able to withstand temperatures of up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. While we treat all metal parts with the utmost care, it is possible that cast aluminum and magnesium may cause out-gassing or bubbling during our coating process. By purchasing, you recognize that Powder Coating by Frank T. is not liable for any damages caused by out-gassing. Any cleaning, disassembling, or dismantling of your parts will be billed at $50 per hour with a minimum of one hour. Powder Coating by Frank T. is not responsible or liable for any damages resulting from the packing or shipping process. By working with us, you as the purchaser acknowledge any pre-existing damages or imperfections of your parts. You also release any liability for damages and agree that Powder Coating by Frank T. is not responsible for any such damage.

Please note: When selecting the High temp powder coating services, it does NOT offer a warranty or guarantee due to the nature of how high temp powder pieces are used.