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  1. Enter the dimensions for the part/item, and desired options to the form below and you will see an instant quote appear.
  2. Add to Cart and pay for services. Determine if you will be dropping off/picking up your piece or if you are going to ship it to us for the powder coating services.
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Please Note: Pricing is an estimate only. If further work is needed after receiving the piece or dimensions entered do not fit the part, the price is subject to change. The customer will be contacted if there are any additional fees. If customer is shipping out their item, they are responsible to pay and arrange for shipping. Powder Coating by Frank T. will ship the piece back once the service is rendered. The shipping fee back to the customer is included in the instant quote fee if the customer chooses the shipping option.

Color Selection

Powder Coating By Frank T. uses a wide selection of quality coatings for you to choose from, so you can get the color that you envision. Please click on the 2 links below to choose your desired color option, and include the brand, color name, and item number when completing the quote to ensure you get the desired color. Your satisfaction is important to us, so there is no price difference between standard and premium colors, and no additional cost for textured, satin, matte, or gloss finished as a base coat. Powder Coating by Frank T. does charge extra for primer, candy, translucent, sparkle, and clear coats. We also offer chemical stripping as an additional service.

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When Ordering:

  • Before a part is delivered to Powder Coating by Frank T., it must be completely disassembled. Any parts that we must disassemble will be billed at $50 per hour, with a minimum of 1 hour. Likewise, any request to have parts disassembled will be charged with that same fee.
  • All parts must be metal and free of body filler. Any imperfection could compromise our powder coating, though we may be able to fill minor damages on a case-by-case basis.

When Packing:

Powder Coating by Frank T. is not liable for any parts damaged throughout the packing and shipping process. Be sure to use quality materials while packing, and ensure they are handled
with care. If your parts arrive damaged, we will notify you when we unpack the item. You will be responsible for filing a claim with your shipping courier.


All pieces must be disassembled, and all plastic components must be removed. This could include seals, gaskets, or other connecting parts. Metal parts intended for custom coating need to be able to withstand temperatures of up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. While we treat all metal parts with the utmost care, it is possible that cast aluminum and magnesium may cause out-gassing or bubbling during our coating process. By purchasing, you recognize that Powder Coating by Frank T. is not liable for any damages caused by out-gassing. Any cleaning, disassembling, or dismantling of your parts will be charged with a fee. Powder Coating by Frank T. is not responsible or liable for any damages resulting from the packing or shipping process. By working with us, you as the purchaser acknowledge any pre-existing damages or imperfections of your parts. You also release any liability for damages, and agree that Powder Coating by Frank T. is not responsible for any such damage.

When selecting the High temp powder coating services, it does NOT offer a warranty or guarantee due to the nature of how high temp powder pieces are used.